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7 Costly Laptop Repair Mistakes To Avoid

The cost of repairing your laptop may be too high considering if the damage you suspect is not something that should cost that much. Deciding to fix it yourself may be more cost-effective than giving it to a professional laptop repairer.

Although you will find some of the best equipment for laptop repairs in Dapto, fixing it yourself is a very good idea especially if you have enough confidence that you can do it. Even though confidence alone won’t fix it, you will learn a couple of things in the process. While you are about to start, here are some tips and mistakes to avoid when trying to fix it.

Unnecessary Opening

Laptops and computers, in general, are categorized into two parts, the hardware, and the software. Opening the laptop without fully understanding the problem is one mistake to avoid. Opening the laptop can lead to further damage while losing screws and removing cases which would cost more considering if the problem just required simple troubleshooting.

Misdiagnosed Problem

This is a very common mistake that people encounter a lot. Even after guessing the problem, it is better to confirm. Fixing an entirely wrong part of the laptop would not only cost more but also be a waste of time because you might end up buying and changing a good part. Proper diagnosis of the laptop would save a lot of time.

Lack Of Repair Tools

Repairing anything at all becomes frustrating without the required tools. If you have ever tried fixing things without the appropriate tools you would know how difficult it can be even if you try improvising, the speed at which you would accomplish things would be slow. Always try to get the right tools before embarking on fixing your laptop to make things easier for you.


When you discover the bad or damaged parts it is always better to test before totally changing, using general hardware testing tools to run a diagnosis. One of the major differences between professionals and amateurs is the availability of testing tools to know which parts are good and which is bad. Try as much as possible to get basic testing tools for an easier process.

Incompatible Hardwares

Laptops are different in models and specifications. Buying the wrong replacement is a very common mistake even among professionals. Ways to avoid this is by either taking the damaged part to a laptop parts shop so they can get a good look at the bad one and give you a replica that is good or to write out the model number of the parts written on it and the type of laptop when going to get a repair.

No Backups

Backing up your computer is an essential part of the repair process. Losing years of work in a couple of minutes is a very painful and depressing thing, especially if the documents can’t be recovered. Even if you are not going to be touching the Read access memory (ram), it is safer to back up your laptop for professional sake.

Test After Repair

Immediately after fixing the damaged parts or troubleshooting the laptop, always do thorough and in-depth testing both for the part that needed repair and the laptop generally to be sure you have not spoiled or affected other parts in the process. Testing will also remind you of anything you forgot to fix so you can quickly return to it before the need for it becomes urgent.

After following and avoiding all the mistakes mentioned above, you are a step closer to being a professional laptop engineer.

Don’t forget to see a certified or trusted professional for your laptop repairs in Dapto if you encounter problems you can’t solve. While you carry out your repair, try as much as possible to keep screws and parts removed safely so you don’t end up buying new ones for the misplaced ones.


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