7 Telltale Signs Your Laptop’s Up for Repair or Replacement

What’s the first thing you think of when you notice a minor lag on your laptop? Let’s take a wild guess; you’d probably wave it off and label it as a ‘computer thing’ right? However, did you know that that minor lag could if left long enough, develop into the reason you replace your laptop?

Shocking right? It always starts with minor lags. Then, your laptop starts freezing up. Finally, it shuts down. This is every laptop owner’s nightmare.

While it probably could be malware, Every problem doesn’t have to be a malware problem. All you need is accurate info to understand the cries of your laptop every time it needs some help. If that’s what you’re here for, then you’re in luck. This blog post exposes you to all the signs your laptop shows you when it’s about to go sour. Stay tuned as you discover X telltale signs your laptop needs some professional laptop repairs in Corrimal.

  1. Your laptop doesn’t come on

There are a few reasons for this issue. The first and commonest one being the lack of charge in the battery. If your laptop is plugged in and suddenly dies without any warning, you might want to check out your charger.

If you’re sure your charger is good and your laptop’s charged, take a look at your AC adapter. That might be the problem. If that’s fine as well, check the DC jack (where you connect your charger to your laptop). You could test the authenticity with a voltmeter. If the DC jack is perfectly fine, then your motherboard could be an issue. However, this is the worst-case scenario. If this is your case, get a replacement laptop because there is almost no cure for a fried/faulty motherboard.

  1. The laptop makes weird sounds during operation.

That soft whirring sound you hear while running your laptop is the CPU fan and it’s normal. As long as the sound doesn’t get violent or erratic, you’re good to go. However, if your case is the total opposite (erratic sounds and the likes), then its either of these two problems:

  • Your CPU fan’s gone bad or,
  • Your hard drive is faulty.

Usually, a laptop with a faulty system fan would notify you of the issue immediately you turn on your computer. Once you notice this, the ONLY solution is to replace the CPU fan ASAP. Failure to do so spells impending danger to your motherboard.

If the latter is your case, you might want to salvage all your vital files as your hard drive needs replacement.

NOTE: There is no DIY repair process for these problems. The ONLY way to beat this is to replace them.

  1. The screen light keeps failing.

You don’t have to worry about a motherboard problem if all you’re dealing with is an annoying screen light dim. To correct a dimming laptop screen, you need to replace the faulty components causing this issue. It could be an issue with the screen inverter or the backlight lamp failure. Whatever it is, make sure you get your laptop to a specialist in laptop repairs in Corrimal so they can troubleshoot the problem and proffer the best solutions to you.

  1. Garbled screen images

Odd or distorted images always make life harder for you like a laptop user. The best way to troubleshoot this is to connect your laptop to an external monitor and see how things go. If the image appears clear and straight on the external monitor, then your laptop’s having a screen problem.

However, if the reverse is the case and the images keep getting distorted, then you have your graphics card to blame. Whichever the case may be, make sure you get your laptop checked out by a professional before fully concluding on the problem.

  1. Your keyboard stops working.

Facing a keyboard problem? Or, maybe you’ve been typing for quite a while and your keyboard brings up a character different from the one you typed? Whatever the case may be, sticking keys could be the problem. There are two ways to doing this:

  • Lift your laptop up and carefully blow compressed air underneath the keys (you could use your mouth if you wanted to).
  • Or, you could remove the keycaps of the problematic characters and carefully clean them.

Just make sure you do whatever works for your laptop. If one works, don’t try two. If two works, you get the gist.

  1. Your laptop shuts down or freezes.

Nothing and we repeat; nothing is more annoying than a laptop that keeps freezing up or shutting down. The frustration becomes the least of your worries when you start losing unsaved data.

But, before you throw in the towel, check the bottom of the laptop for overheating. If you notice the fan’s whirling faster than usual, then you should get some cool-off techniques and apply them to your device.

You could also clean out your fan and heat sink to prevent dust from clogging up and blocking the processor from cooling down.

  1. The battery does not charge properly.

This scenario isn’t one you should fret about. If you discover an error with your laptop’s charging, you need to adjust your AC adapter plug. You can do this by moving the cord slightly to alter the position in the power connector. Your laptop should charge again. That or your adaptor cord is damaged. In that case, you just need to change your cable. However, if your battery’s the one having the issue, getting a replacement is the ONLY option for you.

If your laptop issues don’t match anyone mentioned in this blog post, contact our team of specialists to help you understand more about getting laptop repairs in Corrimal.

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